6 Best Travel Car Seats in 2021


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Upated November 24,2021

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There was a time when people use to pick the baby in their arms. Nowadays, everyone wants a convenient method like a travel car seat. There are many terms that are used instead of travel car seats like baby seat, infant safety seat, child restraint system, child seat, or booster seat all terms are used for the same product. In fact, the basic term that is being used for this seat is Child Safety Seat. 


The core purpose of a baby seat or a car seat is to provide protection to your child. In this review, we will be discussing the best travel car seats that you can grab in 2021. 


So, here are the picks:


01. Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat

This is a best-selling travel car seat because it can use up to 65 pounds from birth. It is cheap enough to travel without worrying about it becoming a bit dirty or uneven. 


It is very light (14 pounds) and thin (18 inches), but still provides some cushioning for young children. There is also a detachable cup holder on the side, which saves more space and is more compact. 


Best Pick

Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat

Perfect for smaller cars or for extra space in your larger vehicle

Our rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Removable body pillows ensure that your little one sits comfortably in the seat, while a removable cup holder keeps a drink close by

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This car seat is certified to be used backward and forwards in aviation. The seat is convertible, with a weight range of 5 to 40 pounds for rear-facing use, and a weight limit of 22 to 65 pounds for front-facing use.


02. Evenflo Tribute LX baby Seat

Evenflo Tribute LX is the most popular because it is a very lightweight baby seat. 


Evenflo Tribute LX is the second lightest baby seat on our list. It is compact and weighs only 9 pounds. This is very amazing! 


Best Pick

Evenflo Tribute LX baby Seat

The Tribute LX meets or exceeds all applicable Federal Safety Standards

Our rating:

3 out of 5 stars

The light and compact weight of the Tribute LX makes it an excellent choice for smaller vehicles, movement between multiple cars, and air travel.

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 This seat is specially structured for use on the plane. It measures 18.5 inches, so you may need to install the armrests to a smaller area of ​​the seat. I also recommend that you check the width of the partition seats, as they tend to be a bit narrower than normal.


This car seat is convertible, which means it can accommodate newborns under 40 pounds.


03. Combi Coccoro Streamlined Lightweight Travel Car Seat

Combi Coccoro is an amazing small car seat. It weighs only 11 pounds, is easy to install, has a spacious cushion, various tilt angles, and more. It is small enough to be thrown on the stroller seat and rolled around the airport, or you can even use it as the seat of this multifunctional stroller. In many ways, it is the perfect compact baby seat for traveling families.


We like that it comes with a safety latch (built-in for forward, separate part for reverse). The base is arched, so you can easily adjust the tilt angle on the plane: tilt back to sleep in flight, and reduce tilt back when sitting on the plane. A cramped room with limited seats. We recommend it as the best car seat for flying. 


Best Pick

Combi Coccoro Streamlined Lightweight Travel Car Seat

3 Across in Most Vehicles - Ideal for Compacts

Our rating:

4 out of 5 stars

The Cocorro convertible car seat accomadates a baby and toddler from 3 – 33lbs Rear Facing and 20 – 40lbs Forward Facing.

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It is also an ideal choice for foreign small rental cars because it is the most compact convertible child seat on the market. This is one of the few ultra-thin car seats that can easily accommodate three people.


It is so convenient and simple to use that we don't even dream of keeping it in the closet most of the year, and many basic options are rarely used outside of travel.


04. Cosco Scenera Next Travel Car Seat

The most famous travel car seat is Cosco Scenera Next DLX. What makes it so popular and one of the best travel car seat options? It's as simple on the scale as it is on the wallet! Cosco Scenera Next is the lightest folding child seat and the cheapest folding child seat. It is an ideal travel car seat for small children. 


Best Pick

Cosco Scenera Next Travel Car Seat

Cosco scenera next convertible car seat with cup holder and fleece blanket

Our rating:

4 out of 5 stars

The Cosco Scenera NEXT DLX is simply a smarter car seat – designed for families who know what they need.

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 How easy is this? Such a car seat backpack is easy to carry on the back, and some parents even use these hooks to hang it on the back of the stroller when walking in the airport. 


 It is good to know that the top seat belt slot is only 13.5 inches high, so even with hindsight, some children will grow up a year or two, but will surpass Scenera Next in retrospect. (Remember, if your child is facing forward, the strap should go over their shoulders.) 


 It is lighter, more suitable for young children, has a longer lifespan, and is as expensive as the Evenflo travel car seat. Leisure travelers are looking for lightweight travel car seats. 


 Cosco Scenera Next occupies an important niche market as an affordable seat that can move relatively well and keep children facing the back for at least 2.5 years. If your budget is limited, it is also the best convertible seat for small cars. This is the best car seat for 2-year-old travelers. 


 If you travel abroad, you must bring your host. Cars in many other countries may not have lockable seat belts like the United States, they will lock in an emergency, but you cannot manually lock it by pulling it out completely. Whenever possible, you should be able to use LATCH in a vehicle, but if the required seating position does not have a LATCH or older vehicles do not have a LATCH, you will need a retaining clip. Take the stand here-it's cheap and doesn't take up space!


05. Wayb Pico Travel Car Seat

This Family Traveller car seat is a game-changer. Developed by a former Patagonian executive and his team of experienced engineers at WayB, WayB is a new company dedicated to bringing innovative products to the family travel industry. Pico is safe and elegant. And it's easy. Its sturdy frame is made of aluminum, which is not only strong but also durable. The Pico seat can be folded down, so it can be compact and easy to transport or store in the upper compartment.

Best Pick

Wayb Pico Travel Car Seat

Pico travel car seat is ideal for kids ages 2+ and within the range of 22-50 lbs

Our rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Pico meets all U.S. safety standards regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration, so it’s ready for road or air travel.

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Car seats are generally not suitable for travel because they are bulky, heavy, and difficult to maneuver. Fortunately, the WAYB car seat will not put pressure on your luggage. The Pico Travel child seat weighs less than 2.4 kg, so it can be easily carried anywhere. This FAA-approved car seat faces forward and can accommodate children weighing 22 to 55 pounds or 30 to 45 inches. It has a durable and lightweight AeroWing aluminum frame, and the AstroKnit high-performance mesh lining ensures that your child feels comfortable while driving. Most importantly, this car seat can be folded into a bag small enough to fit in the top compartment and comes with a carrying bag that can fit a suitcase, which is very suitable for travel.


06. Cosco Finale DX 2-in-1 Travel Car Seat

The Cosco Finale DX two-in-one booster seat is equipped with a 5-point seat belt, which can be converted into a booster seat as the child grows. Used for a long time in two modes, this car seat is suitable for children weighing 30 to 65 pounds. It faces forward and has a seat belt. It serves as a seat belt positioning amplifier and is suitable for toddlers and children weighing 40 to 100 pounds. 


This lightweight seat is ideal for growing families and road trips; it is easy to move from one car to another; three of the car seats are designed to be installed side by side at the rear of most vehicles. A detachable dishwasher-safe cup holder is located on the side of this car seat, so your children can easily carry their favorite drinks or snacks with them. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt, grime, and other debris. 


Best Pick

Cosco Finale DX 2-in-1 Travel Car Seat

IIHS Best Bet rating for use in booster mode

Our rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Remove the easy to clean booster car seat pad and toss it into the washing machine and then your dryer for stress free cleaning.

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Take out the easy-to-clean car seat cushion, put it in the washing machine, and put it in the dryer for easy cleaning. This child car seat meets or exceeds the federal safety standards ASTM and JPMA, and comes with a one-year limited warranty.


For more than 70 years, COSCO has been a leading baby products brand, known for its commitment to safety and value; from sun loungers to car seats, from swings and strollers to playground high chairs-COSCO’s children Value for money and unique design.


A Short Buying Guide

When you are looking for the best travel car seat for traveling with your family, it can be very difficult to narrow your options. After all, everyone's needs are different! When considering light-duty travel car seats, there are some key characteristics to be aware of:


Weight of Seat

One of the most important characteristics of a travel car seat is its lightweight. Why? Because you will move it more than usual at home. Security scanner, to the boarding gate, on the plane, from the plane, through the airport, into the rented bus, and then into the car-this is our typical daily life! 


With lightweight convertible car seats, all of this has become easier. What does "light" mean? The largest and most stylish car seat like this weighs 25 to 30 pounds. The best convertible car seat for 8 to 15 pounds of travel can make a difference in the world. This is the lightest convertible car seat on the market. 


If you plan to use a trolley to transport car seats, the weight of the car seat is not important, but it is even more important if you carry it to the airport on your arm or in a backpack with a car seat.


Width of Seat

Another important aspect is the seat width. Just because the seat is approved by the FAA does not mean it can be installed on an aircraft seat. The aircraft seats range from 16" to 22". Most are about 17 or 18 inches tall. 


You can check whether your aircraft is listed on the SeatGuru seat chart to find out how big your seat is. Or less will fit all aircraft seats. However, you may need to raise the armrest to the height of a 16-inch seat. Another important aspect of the slim design is that the seat can pass through the security scanner. If the seat is not suitable, you must check carefully, which will slow down the entire check-in process.


Right Size

When it comes to travel necessities, we usually think "smaller is better", but the size of streetcar seats is more suitable for your situation and your children. What to consider? 


The "frame height" of a car seat refers to the space along your child's back and head. In addition to sitting in the car seat, the child facing rear must be at least 2.5 cm above the top of the head. Specify the height limit (if any). After changing seats. For a forward-facing convertible, you need to make sure that your child’s ears are still in the frame and the belt groove on the top is on their shoulders. 


Similarly, you may not need the tallest car seat. When your child is about 4 years old, you may want to switch to ultra-light solutions, such as Ride Safer Travel Vest. Traveling may be the best option for an oversized child, but it may be unnecessary for another child. 


There is really no perfect size, only the one that best suits your needs. Short-body car seats are generally lighter (less stuff!) and are more suitable for compact spaces, such as seats in economic jets and small car rental cars. The taller body and seat belt slots allow older children to stay longer.


Easy to Install

When you travel by car seat, one thing is certain you will most likely need to install it in an unfamiliar car. Cry and swear when you try to install an uncomfortable car seat on your rented car (I will be in Phoenix around 2013). 


What can determine the difficulty of assembling the station wagon seat? There are a few things to remember. 


If you are traveling with a baby or toddler in a convertible car seat, some seats may require a higher reclining position. Some seats have folding legs or curved bases to make things easier, while other seats may require rolled-up towels or pool noodles. 


The actual installation method may also be slightly different. All American car seats can be equipped with LATCH and #40 system; sometimes reach a certain weight and #41, or wear a seat belt to give you full freedom of movement. Some LATCH clips are very simple hooks and may require more manipulation, while others are simpler latch types (with a red button to release). But in the end, they will all succeed. 


If you are going abroad or need to install a car seat on the center seat that may not have a latch, please be prepared to install a seat belt convertible car seat. Practice ahead! This is easy to do but may be required in other countries. You can look for a convertible travel car seat with a built-in latch, or you can buy a cheap latch and familiarize yourself with its purpose before traveling. 


This is especially important if you call a taxi or Uber at your destination. If it takes too long, some people will become impatient and force you to hold your baby on your knees. Install, this machine has nowhere to go. You can turn on the meter during setup to keep up with time, which is great. 


Another important consideration when installing is whether your car seat requires a forward top strap. They are very suitable for safety because they can reduce the movement of your child's 46-inch head in an accident, but not every car in the world has a safety anchor! You can find them in almost every car in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; they are becoming more common in the European Union (new rental cars should have them), but if you travel in an old-fashioned taxi or plan to travel to Eastern Europe, South America, Asia or Africa, it is unlikely to be found. In this case, it must be decided whether the installation should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.



The last factor may be the most subjective. But the last thing you want is a grumpy kid on a long flight! Some baby seats have almost no padding on the plastic shell. Therefore, it is not important for a fast taxi ride. But if you plan to use this place every day during your journey, or travel long distances to your destination, then there is no need to complain every five minutes.


So a travel car seat should be comfortable for your kid. 


Portability or Convertibility

When looking for the best travel car seat, make sure you buy the convertible car seat that is best for your travel. In the long run, buying a convertible baby seat can save money. 


The convertible travel car seat can be easily worn from infants to toddlers and starts at approximately 5 pounds. Up to 65 kg. comfortable. 


Most of the seats on our list are convertible car seats approved by airlines. 


Therefore, be sure to carefully review the features of the convertible and choose the car seat that best suits you.


FAA Approval

As mentioned above, you need to make sure to purchase a child seat or baby carrier approved by the FAA. 


This can be done by checking the label on the side that says "This restraint system is certified for use in cars and airplanes.”



Travel car seats or baby seats are some of the most convenient options when it comes to traveling with a kid, whether you have a born baby or reached at 4 years. There are many options in travel car seats available in the market. We have gathered information on some of the best travel car seats that you buy for your kid. 


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