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Ladies! Have you decided on your fairytale costume for Halloween yet?

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By Yamuna Gibson
Last updated: March, 04, 2021

Yellow falling leaves, black balding trees, quiet evenings, colder atmosphere. What does that hint? Just add a jack-o’-lantern and Halloween is just knocking at the door. Yes, trick and treat is usually associated with just darker themes and spooky costumes. But if you are more into breaking stereotypes adding your personal signature for unique attires, you can totally go to Halloween parties as a fairy, or a princess.

Have you already chosen your fairytale costume for Halloween? Or do you need help deciding?

How to choose?


Halloween is not an office meeting, and no one will object no matter what you wear. (As long as you wear something, and don’t go naked.) You are free to choose the Halloween costume that you love, wander around in the street, for some trick or treat. However, the atmosphere will be getting colder and it will be wise to choose something that can protect you from the cold too.

Some fairytale ideas will help you choose the best fairy costume for this Halloween to mix your young adult fun mixing it up with childhood fantasies:

Tooth fairy (Rise of The Guardians)


The Tooth Fairy from Rise of The Guardians is unconventionally awesome and way more funkier than the previous versions. It comes in green, just like Tinker Bell but totally with a different style and vibe. The biggest advantage of this costume is being highly unique and rarely you find people wearing it. Going as the Tooth Fairy will definitely make you stand out among your friends.

Blackfairy (Once Upon A Time)


Black fairy become one of the most popular characters of Once Upon A Time thanks to her exceptional character being a very, very dark fairy. She was played by the gorgeous Jamie Murray that added even more to the beauty of the character. The costume comes in black with intriguing and spicy looks.

Fairy Godmother (Cinderella)


If the conventional fairy costumes are unable to cheer you, you always have the Fairy Godmother to grant your wishes. (And this time, they won’t lose magic after 12 o’clock.) Fairy Godmother costumes are easily available to make your Halloween-themed party as magical as it gets.

Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)


Kind of unexpected, right? Sookie Stackhouse is not the first character that comes into mind when we are talking about fairies. Regardless, Sookie Stackhouse was a half-fairy and was from her own magical world. If you love vampires and fairies along with contemporary fashion, dress up, and get on the floor! 



Every girl is a princess of their own house, yes we all agree on that. And every princess deep down thinks of them as a Cinderella, and of course, that is the first character that would pop up into anyone’s head when the word ‘fairytale’ is uttered. Stop reading and go get a Cinderella costume. (After you reach the end, I mean). 

Snow White


Another fairytale princess, not any less popular than Cinderella in any way, Snowhite rules the hearts of many children and adults from all the nations around the globe without any difference. If you already have a plan to be Snow White this Halloween, and have any dwarves around, just send them to get your costume right away.



In 2014 the new film, live-action version, was released, titled with the name of the villain herself: ” Maleficent “. In this new version, she is the antagonistic protagonist, heroine, and villain at the same time, played by Angelina Jolie. The dark fairy Maleficent protects magical creatures from the villains in the movie. If you think you have the same traits of a hero and a villain at the same time, then why not?

Thistletwit (Maleficent)


Thistletwit, another character from the Maleficent movies is the youngest among the three fairy siblings that assume their duty of protecting the Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora. Thistletwit costume can be the perfect expression of the guardian inside your soul.

Tinker bell (Peter Pan)


Tinker Bell without any doubt is the greatest fairy of all time. The eternal companion of Peter Pan, the green little fairy is always found to sprinkle “Faith, trust and a little pixie dust” upon all of us with her utter sweetness. Probably the most lovable character of all the fairytales that were ever written, what can be better than going as Tinker Bell on a Halloween party?



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