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Coat Trends For Women To Wear This Fall And Winter

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By Yamuna Gibson
Last updated: March, 04, 2021

You need to be ready when the cold days strike and if you don’t have any coats in your wardrobe yet, you need to hurry and go buy some. 

September is almost over, and the fall season is right outside of the door, knocking for you to let it in. Due to changing weather, it is hard to be sure about how the weather will begin and behave but what we are here to discuss is clear as the sky after rain, is the kind of winter coat trends we are going to follow the most. (Take notes, because you need to remember what is coming next.)

Two Toned Down Jackets


For some years we have seen the coats made with two-toned material filling the streets. Especially when it comes to down jackets in doubled tone, nothing can provide you better resistance against the air, water with incredibly stylish looks at the same time.

Padded Husky Jacket


If the down jackets are too exaggerated, you can also contribute a lighter version such as the padded coats. They are lightweight and take less space than down jackets and provide warmth and protection against making you just feel like a day of summer. 

The Robe Coat


The robe coats have never gone out of fashion for years. Thanks to the amazing look triggered by a chic belt and oversized version of the coats that makes it unbeatable apparel for the fall and winters. If you have one in your closet, that’s fine. If you don’t, go get a robe coat for your timeless companion for all the colder days.

Teddy Coat


The coats Teddy is a must from a few seasons ago but have been changing their ways. Now they wear sheepskin hair and fancy colors. We like them with casual looks because they add a touch of glamor but they are also suitable for the most trendy looks.

Coats With The Check Print


Printed coats are already making great sales this season and are going to be probably the most used winter clothes this season. Choose one in earth tones or neutral colors so that you can combine it in different ways or, on the contrary, bet on a striking one to give life to your most basic looks.

Classic belted coats


Being a pure trend, belted coats are one of the most comfortable winter clothes doing the favor of the perfect body shapes narrowing the waist. Thanks to Meghan Merkle for boosting the trend, now even the low-cost brands as well unstoppably imitate them and you can get some good quality even in the budgeted prices. 

Double-sided coat


They already began to be worn last year and it seems that this fall/winter they are consolidating as one of the most sought after trends. They are fur-effect coats that have fur inside and are visible on the cuffs and lapels.

Houndstooth Coats


Best to wear for the ladies that prefer brighter tones and what makes them even more attractive is being available at even low prices by many stores. With the English countryside origin, the houndstooth print coat has become popular all around the globe and is a part of the closet as a daily outfit for the ladies that believe in fashion with a class.

Cape Coat


It is an elegant and sophisticated option for those who love well-groomed feminine styles. The capes arrive to be installed in all the types of coat you have, and with gloves, we love the final look.



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