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Brands that make headphones that can rock your world

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By Nowmanifest Editor
Last updated: March, 04, 2021


Whenever we head out to the market, hoping to buy some quality technological product, there is a chance that we will be easily persuaded by the products that might have the best marketing approach, which makes us neglect the quality investigation for the product in depth. People buying headphones are one of the people that have to deal with this problem most. As the market is huge and there are numerous brands claiming to have the best product in the market. That is why we thought of pointing out some brands for you to get the best with proper intel about buying a headphone.


Fortunately, there are many conscientious product review sites out there that post their honest opinions so that others won’t repeat their mistakes or to like brands that really deserve it, but struggle to be seen or heard in the crowd.


V Moda

This brand is not as well known as others, but it is the favourite of many professionals as the sound quality is beguiling, clear and resolution in the bass is better than anything that you have heard before. Most of the models by this brand have soundstage quality and all of them are compatible with iOS and Android. Considering it is an expensive brand, it has models in every price range and. The brand is based in Italy.



Their audio is mostly 3D quality and one of the best things about these is that they are all made with sound isolators and nothing will come between you and the music you want to listen to. Each model is uniquely designed, be it DJs, producers, athletes, companies that want them telephone or teleconferences, video games, radio, television, and any type of individual that can occur to you. The brand comes from Germany as well as many other luxury brands.



There is a model that includes SoundWear technology, a type of speaker built into the headphones specifically designed for bedtime or when you want to let your ears rest. It is one of the few brands that has that plus. These ones are special in noise reduction technology, which does not mean that they contain isolators, but it does mean that you listen to anything other than your music as little as possible. Check to get deals now for a discount on Bose headphones.



Shure is a brand of headphones that needs to be named among the best. Although the core of the company is in the manufacture of microphones, it also manufactures high-quality headphones. Shure has headphone models that span a semi-professional and professional range, with the SRH series being one of the most prominent.



Pioneer is a brand that is a pretty economical headphone than other quality brands, but they will not compromise when it comes to rocking your world. Just like each company has a department where it stands above all, and Pioneer holds the stand out position for being the best manufacturer in the market regarding equipment for professional DJs and cars.



This brand holds the title of being the first creator of the condenser headphones that were completely worth it. In fact, at that time there were a lot of headphone making brands but they had low qualities and AKG sought the situation as the best opportunity to launch their own creation, D 12. AKG was formed in 1947 and since then they have been making microphones, and headphones for radios, theatres, and jazz clubs. They are recognized for being one of the first to dedicate themselves to this type of device and for the way they are manufactured, which were originally made by hand.



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