Best USB-C Power Delivery Chargers 2021


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Today, laptops and tablets are very common. Whether in student life or in your profession, somewhere, everyone feels a need for a laptop or tablet to do university assignments or work on a project. USB chargers play a vital role there. Every laptop or tablet needs a charger to perform for a long period. USB-C chargers are very popular and are being massively used by people nowadays. 


There is a huge variety available in the market, which one is best, people get confused there. In this article, we have collected information about some best USB-C chargers that you can easily grab from your nearby market.


01. Nekteck 60W USB C Charger

If you need to replace the original charger, or just need an additional charger at home or office, you should buy the Nekteck 60W USB-C GaN charger. It can charge almost all USB-C laptops at full speed, and quickly charge laptops and tablets with low power consumption. Nekteck is also smaller than any other 60-watt or 65-watt charger we have come across, it comes with a detachable power cord and usually costs $10-20 separately. 

Best Pick

Nekteck 60W USB C Charger [GaN Tech]

Foldable Plug, Compatible with MacBook Air/Pro

Our rating:

5 out of 5 stars

Get the best possible charging performance with the advanced GaN Technology.

Buy on Amazon

Like most Nekteck products, it has passed the USB Developer Forum (USB-IF) certification, which means that it has been tested by an independent third party and meets technical specifications and safety requirements. However, if the price of Nekteck exceeds $30, we recommend that you consider the uncertified ZMI model.


02. Aukey Omnia 65W

The ultra-thin and lightweight Aukey Omnia PAB4 is at the top of our list. Not only does it perform well, but it also has two USB-C ports that allow you to use your ultrabook while charging your Nintendo Switch, mobile phone, or even a second laptop (although it is slow, and only when not in use). 

Best Pick

Aukey PA-B4 Omnia Duo 65W Dual-Port PD Charger

Dual-Port PD Charger

Our rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Powered by AUKEY's OmniaChip, an advanced GaN power IC that brings up to 3x faster charging with just half the size and weight.

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Although is conservatively estimated to be 65W, the 3.65-ounce Aukey Omnia PAB4 provided a maximum continuous output of 72.6W (19.2V / 3.78A) in our test. After 20 minutes of high temperature, the temperature reached 139 degrees Fahrenheit, but the charger was much colder at 120 degrees, which was the second coldest charger we tested at 64 degrees. 


 Even better, Omnia PAB4 provides up to 15W of power through the second USB-C connector (only the top connector can be used for maximum power), which is enough to charge the second device or carry the Raspberry Pi 4 for power supply. When connected With the second device, the main port will provide less power. In our example, we increased the power of the main port by 50W under these conditions, even though Aukey only advertised a maximum power of 45W.


03. RAVPower Pioneer 65W (RP-PC133)

Although most modern mobile devices charge via USB-C, there are still many devices that use micro-USB, including cheap Android tablets and Raspberry Pi, which is older than Pi 4. Although you can buy a USB-C to micro USB adapter. Many of us have drawers full of USB-A to micro USB or USB-A to USB-C cables, type A. 

Best Pick

iPhone 13 PD Pioneer 65W 4-Port GaN Tech USB C Desktop Charger

Desktop Charger

Our rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Simultaneous PD Charging: With 2 USB-C PD ports and 65W total output, USB charger can charge your MacBook Air at 45W and iPad Pro at 18W simultaneously

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In our test (using a load tester), RAVPower Pioneer RPPC133 provides 15W (3.27V, 4.72A) full power through the TypA port, and provides up to 54.9W (19.6V, 2.8A) through the USB-C port power. More importantly, when we plug the RPPC133 into a laptop and a mobile phone at the same time. The laptop gets an amazing 51W power, which is better than Aukey's slightly smaller Omnia Mix PAB3. It allows the same laptop to connect to a 38W mobile phone.


RAVPower seems to have a different structure from Aukey overwhelmingly. Although the Aukey charger we tested was able to maintain performance above its specified maximum value, the RAVPower drive was able to achieve higher peaks but would shut down after a period of time. For example, Pioneer RPPC133 only provides an incredible 73.7 W (19.5 V, 3.78 A) to the USB-C port, but this did not last long. The 


RAVPower Pioneer RPPC133 has a power of 64 W, which is 1 watt lower than the maximum power, keeping the skin temperature at 48.3 degrees Celsius, which is very cool compared to most chargers we tested.


04. Choetech PD100W Charger

The problem with PD chargers that have enough power to power USB-C laptops is that they can be very expensive, and you need to be very careful to ensure that the adapter you choose provides enough power for your particular device and the devices that each computer supplies. The laptop goes. In the early stages. 

Best Pick

CHOETECH PD100W Dual USB Type-C Fast Charger

Wall Charger for Phone 11 Pro

Our rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Advanced dual charging port, provide the high-speed charging for two devices at the same time.

Buy on ebay

We like this 100W PD charger from Choetech because it is future-oriented and supports maximum power of 100W per port. Even with two USB-C outputs, each output can provide 45W of power, enough to quickly charge your phone. One tablet and many (but not all) laptops. 


The price of the 100W charger is also competitive, supports international voltage, and because it uses GaN technology, this is just a small matter for such a powerful device. 


If you don't need an additional USB port, we can't figure out how another Power Delivery charger can better serve you.


05. Anker Nano II 65W Fast Charger

Anker can be said to be one of the most iconic names in charging technology. There are many reasons why this PD single-port charger attracts us. 


Gallium nitride (GaN) technology has made chargers many times smaller than silicon-based models in just a few years, and they were once considered small. 


Best Pick

Anker Nano II 65W

Anker Nano II 65W

Our rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Say goodbye to your old power bricks. Anker Nano II has the power you need to fast charge your phone, tablet, and USB-C notebook from a single tiny charger.

Buy on

Anker’s new Nano II chargers use next-generation GaN II technology. It can transfer energy more efficiently. Also, it can operate at twice the frequency of the first-generation GaN, making these chargers smaller. 


We have never seen a charger of this size before. They are small, about the size of the Apple iPhone 5W charger, but they have 10 times the functionality. The 65W Nano II charger weighs only 132g and measures 41.7x36x44mm. The smaller models are 30W and 45W. 


More importantly, they not only support Power Delivery, Quick Charge, and Anker’s own PowerIQ Smart Charging but also support PPS, which means that it is different from other third-party adapters in that it can be used for Samsung Galaxy S20 that needs Super. Wait for smartphone fast charging protocol: fast charging according to your own charging standard. 


On the other hand, there is only one power outlet, which means you can only charge one device at a time, and it must be USB-C compatible.


06. RAVPower 61W Dual-Port Charger

It has a 61w USB-C power adapter port and a good USB-A port, so it can charge any device such as Samsung Galaxy and other Android smartphones to wireless headsets or use it as a mature laptop for charging Devices, and almost anything. Between them. Including Nintendo Switch, Kindle, and iPad. (PS4 controllers, which are usually very power-hungry, do not seem to work.) This USB Type-C charger is perfect for use on the go, thanks to its relatively small size of only 105 grams and a foldable tip. Oh, did we mention that it is currently $30 on Amazon? In individual meetings, we have seen this thing charging the HP Spectre x360, and as a MacBook charger for the new MacBook Air, charging about 65% in one hour and completing it. Completed in just over 90 minutes. When we launched the iPhone X with Port 2, it was not a problem to charge both the mobile phone and the laptop battery at the same time. Do yourself a favor: bring two, one at home and the other in the trash bag.

Best Pick

iPhone13 PD Pioneer 61W 2-Port USB C Wall Charger

61W 2-Port USB C Wall Charger

Our rating:

4 out of 5 stars

Advanced PD 3.0 - 61W output for a variety of PD devices from laptops to smart phones.

Buy on

07. RAVPower 45W Wall Charger

This 45W USB wall charger is not designed to charge most laptops (although if you plug it in with a cable and leave it overnight, it will charge you). However, if you are looking for an affordable single-port wall charger for smartphones, tablets, and accessories that can provide speed and fit easily in your pocket or wallet, then this RAVPower is an excellent choice for fast charging, And this USB wall charger is only available for $ 30. This is only one dollar more than Apple’s wall charger, it is larger and has less than half the power (only 18W of power).

Best Pick

USB Wall Charger, RAVPower 45W PD USB C Charger

GaN Tech Type-C Power Adapter

Our rating:

5 out of 5 stars

Advanced technology built with premium gannet circuitry for power that packs a punch in an ultra-thin design (0 59 inch) that’s half the size of regular wall chargers

Buy on ebay

08. Cable Matters 72W 4-Port USB C Charger

A 72 W USB charger with 4 ports and a 60 W USB-C power supply means you don’t have to carry multiple power supplies with you when you travel. This high-performance charger can provide up to 60W of power for USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 laptops. Three USB-A charging ports provide enough power to charge an android. ... 

Best Pick

Cable Matters 72W 4-Port USB C Charger

(USB C Wall Charger) with 60W Power

Our rating:

5 out of 5 stars

The Cable Matters 72W 4-Port USB Charger with 60W USB-C Power Delivery eliminates the need to carry multiple power adapters when traveling.

Buy on Amazon

Charge your device where there is a power outlet. Use the available USB charging cable to charge your laptop and smartphone. Moreover, you can also charge your tablet, GPS, or other USB devices. The combination of smart device recognition and Energy Star rating provides your device with a safe USB charger with overcharge protection and does not consume blood-sucking energy when not in use.


Smart USB wall charger is equipped with over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection, which can protect your valuable devices with USB-A or USB-C charging cables. The USB-C PD charger maximizes the charging efficiency of connected devices without the risk of overcharging the USB-C cable quickly; when a device with certified energy-saving level VI is fully charged, it will not consume vampire energy. 


It is compatible with Thunderbolt 3 USB-C charger, used to operate and charge computers such as MacBook Pro 2016/2017, Dell XPS 13, Razer Blade Stealth; computers that require more than 60W can be charged up to 60W.


Tips for using USB-C chargers


Make sure your device is compatible 

If you have a small device that can be plugged into a cable for a smartphone, wireless headphones, iPad, Nintendo Switch, etc., then it is almost certain that all these chargers are compatible. One of the charges these products faster, sometimes much faster than the standard charger that comes with the device. For Macs, this is simple: if an Apple laptop has a USB-C port, it will accept a charger from the power supply. While older models with MagSafe power adapters will not. The situation on PCs and Chromebooks is more complicated: most, but not all! Newer laptops with USB-C ports support AC adapter charging -please check the manufacturer's documentation to make sure. 


Obtain a suitable charging cable. 

We chose the RAVPower dual-port model because it is a truly universal charger-it can power any standard USB or USB-C device through your old USB-A port or a new USB-C charging cable. One of the other old models with only USB-C output, you need to make sure to get a compatible cable, for example: 


  • USB-C to USB-C cable (for MacBook, new iPad Pro, PC and Chromebook, and some new accessories such as speakers and headphones) 
  •  USB-C To Micro-USB cable (for many current and traditional accessories, including most wireless devices and third-party headsets) 
  •  USB-C to Lightning cable (for all iPhones, most iPads, AirPods, and other Apple accessories) 


Make sure the software is connected 

In at least one test, I returned to my laptop after 30 minutes and found that it was not charging at all. It found that the side of the cable in the laptop port was only half a millimeter flat and could not be fully connected.  


Purchase USB-C compatible equipment 

The entire electronics industry is slowly but surely moving towards USB-C as the universal standard for data and energy. Although Apple’s Lightning port is still a major exception to this rule, the reasonably priced Lightning-to-USB-C cable fills the charging gap. It will be an endangered species for many years to come. When purchasing peripherals such as batteries, wireless headphones, tablets, etc., please try to choose USB-C devices, data cables, and chargers. A way to prepare your device for the future.


Prepare several USB-C to USB-A keys 

Yes, the performance of USB-C is still good, but almost all airline seats, coffee shops, airport lounges, and hotel rooms seem to have that old-fashioned USB-A charging ports. Prepare the adapter for your device. The Elebase dongle shown above contains an integrated key ring that can be connected to the main cable. It's not entirely fashionable, but for a pair of 9 dollars, it can do the job.


What to Look for in USB-C Chargers


The new USB-C standard can provide more power than its predecessor. Therefore, it is extremely important to purchase a charger from a reputable and reputable manufacturer. Cheap USB-C chargers can destroy expensive electronic devices. For Apple product chargers, pay attention to MiFi certification.



Before buying a charger, please understand how much power your device has. Although most USB-C chargers are suitable for smartphones and tablets, those who want to charge compatible USB-C laptops need to make sure that their charger has enough power to run. The average power is about 45W, and at the high end, you can get 72W or more output power. The power supply standard (PD) also indicates the type of power supply device it supports.



Do you only charge one device or do you want to charge multiple USB-C devices at the same time? Some chargers allow you to charge multiple devices at once, which may be a great feature if you don't want to get stuck. A good choice is that some chargers combine USB-A and USB-C ports. For chargers that may not have a USB-C port, this can provide you with the best of both worlds.


Are you using an Apple USB-C device? 

Despite the migration to USB-C on iPad Pro and iPad Air 4, Apple still strictly abides by its proprietary Lightning standard. With the Lightning to USB-C adapter cable, you can use one of these chargers to charge almost all current Apple devices. On our list.


Are all USB-C cables the same? 

No, cables differ in performance, baud rate, and protocol compatibility. Some USB-C cables are only compatible with the older USB 2.0 standard, while modern cables can use USB 3.2, which is a newer standard and faster (up to version 4.0). Some cables can only handle 20V 3A, while others can handle 20V 5A, which is enough to power devices such as laptops and monitors. Before connecting it to the device, you should always check the type of cable used. Especially if it is not original or purchased from a third party.


What is the difference between USB-A and USB-C? 

The most significant difference between the two USB standards is that A has a rectangular connector. It can only be inserted into the port in one direction. The C connector is a flat oval that can be completely flipped. In addition, the USB-PD standard that supports USB-C allows a higher power limit than USB-A. It means faster charging (C also allows faster data transfer).



The USB-C type chargers are very common nowadays. They have captured a huge market in the field of charging accessories. There is a huge variety available in the market. Which one is best, people get confused there. In this article, we have collected information about some best USB-C chargers that you can easily grab from your nearby market.


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