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The best projector screens can work well with projectors to improve the quality of watching movies, TV shows, and other multimedia content. They provide a pleasing surface for your projector, and in some cases, can keep up with TV screens in terms of quality. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best projector screen, including budget, size, portability, and screen material. A larger screen is not always better because the screen must match the size. You want to use it anywhere. There are more models on the market than you think, so we have reviewed some of the best projector screens for every taste and budget.

01. Elite Screens ezFrame Projector Screen

EZ Frame includes a complete installation kit. It comes with a spring tensioning system to achieve an ultra-flat projection surface without wrinkles or waves. While the sliding wall mount provides a simple suspension solution suitable for the bracket. It is made of wood and is located in the middle of the wall. 

Best Pick

Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D, 120" Diagonal 16:9

Fixed Frame Projector Screen

Our rating:

5 out of 5 stars

Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D Series is designed to reject ambient and ceiling light while maintaining superb picture quality.

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135" diagonal, 66.2" high, 117.7" wide, display size, 16:9 HD aspect ratio, total assembled size: 70.9" high, 122.4" wide, 1 jet black velvet, 6". 


CineGrey 5D ceiling suppression material (CLR / ALR) has a 75% suppression rate and 80° viewing angle and 1.5 gain. It is most suitable for family rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, conferences, or any other lighting applications. Fixed frame projector screen CineGrey5D and standard projectors compatible. 


CineGrey 5D is certified by ISF for accurate color rendering and GREENGUARD / GREENGUARD GOLD UL 2818 indoor safety certification. 4K/8K Ultra HD, Active 3D Ready, and Polarization for Passive 3D are ideal for any environment. Also, comes with limited lighting control, improves color saturation, black level, and maintains image brightness.


CineGrey 5D is a front projection material. It can reflect Ambient light while providing outstanding features to maintain excellent image quality. It is ideal for rooms where it is little or no control over the incident light and allows the projector to reflect more light back to the viewer. 


The fixed frame and constant pressure screen are easy to assemble and provide a flat, tight projection surface without creases. The hand-wound black velvet coating improves image contrast and absorbs projector radiation in a strong, lightweight 6-part 2.36-inch aluminum frame.

02. Vankyo StayTrue Projector Screen

The windshield holder with polyester and elastic fiber screen and aluminum feet and accessories are the core of this 100" 16: 9 outdoor viewfinder. It supports front and rear projection options. 

Best Pick

VANKYO Stay True Projector Screen with Stand

Indoor Outdoor Wrinkle-Free Tripod Movie Screen

Our rating:

3 out of 5 stars

The projection screen has made of high-quality PVC. Compatible with 1080p and 4K Ultra HD media, so you can reproduce razor-sharp images with precision.

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Vankyo StayTrue Projector Screen provides a 160° wide viewing angle to ensure uniform brightness; claim No screws are required for assembly, and all packages can be placed in a suitcase for easy carrying. 


If necessary, fix the base in place or balance with stones to maintain stability. But on a quiet, clear night, this should be (movie) exist.

03. Best Choice Products 119in Projector Screen

Sometimes products are not on our list because they are objects of the highest quality, but simply because you cannot beat their incredibly low prices. The "preferred" portable projector screen may not have a flashy name or perform better on the device, but if you have a budget projector setup and don't mind some creases around it, it is still a good choice. 

Best Pick

Best Choice Products 119in Projector Screen

HD Projection Screen for Home Theater, Office, Media

Our rating:

5 out of 5 stars

Bring the excitement of the movie theater to the comfort of your own home! This projector screen is the ultimate entertainment accessory to create the perfect media center.

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The edge of the screen. The screen gain/aspect ratio and black border provide ideal HD viewing effects for TV marathons and slide shows. View content with an aspect ratio of 16:9. If you have ever seen image quality without a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, it is worth considering. 


Best Choice Product The manual projector screen is by no means your best choice for a projector that costs more than $1,000, but it is suitable for anyone in the entry-level market who wants to immerse themselves in the fun of home theater without diving. 


This $52.99 option is a bill for No muss, easy customization, and good color performance everywhere.


04. STR-169100 Silver Ticket Projector Screen

If you are looking for the best projector screen with good value for money, then the STR-169100 Silver Ticket Projector Screen will never go wrong. It is made of a sturdy and durable aluminum frame, which looks like a premium product at an affordable price. The contoured and wrapped frame can provide you with the best home video viewing experience because the film prevents shadows and the contour absorbs additional light, which is very useful when your projector is not at the best angle. 

Best Pick

STR-169100 Silver Ticket 100" Diagonal

4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV

Our rating:

5 out of 5 stars

See for yourself why Silver Ticket Products has satisfied thousands of customers.

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The Silver Ticket is a permanent owner. So, it is best for those looking for a booth that will stay in one place. For example, in the basement or lounge. With a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, you can take beautiful photos no matter where you are. Full HD and dynamic 3D movies can be played on the screen. 


It is quick and easy to assemble using a tie rod system, allowing you to bring cinema-quality entertainment into your home in a matter of minutes. Install the top and bottom mounting brackets for horizontal adjustment. 

To determine the correct size of the projector before buying, project the image on the wall and watch the step-by-step video listed for instructions.

05. Elite Screens Sable Frame 120 Inch Projector Screen

Those looking for a projection screen that can provide vivid images and excellent color performance can consider Elite Screen's 120-inch Sable Frame projection screen. The screen has a high-quality CineWhite display with 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D resolution. 160-degree viewing angle gain 1.3. No matter where the viewer chooses, they will enjoy beautiful high-resolution images. Its aspect ratio is 16:9. 

Best Pick

Elite Screens Sable Frame CineGrey 3D, 120-inch Diagonal

Frame Projector Screen, CineGrey 3D

Our rating:

4 out of 5 stars

The CineGrey 3D is an angular reflective front projection material designed to reject ambient light while maintaining superb picture quality.

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This projector wall screen is easy to install. It has a tension rod and spring system to ensure that CineWhite remains wrinkle-free and provides a quality viewing experience. Includes sliding wall bracket, drywall plugs, and screws to fix the monitor to the wall. Available from Amazon and Best Buy.

06. Mdbebbron 120-inch Projection Screen

The 120-inch Mdbebbron projection screen is an affordable choice among the best home projection screens of 2021. It is a lightweight product that can be folded for easy carrying and storage. 

Best Pick

Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen

Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projector

Our rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Compact one-piece,lightweight and folding design. You can fold the screen in small size and put it in your backpack or suitcase.

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The screen uses thick polyester fabric, which will not wrinkle when stored. You don’t have to worry about how this will affect your sense of immersion. This Mdbebron monitor has a diagonal of 120" and provides a 104" x 58" field of view with a viewing angle of 160°. 


Its aspect ratio is 16:9, which is very suitable for home theater projectors. Instead of a frame, it has a ring It can be fixed with hooks, ropes or double-sided tape. You can use it for front projection and 120-inch projection screens. 


MDbebbron can be hand-washed. Although it is not resistant to glare or enhanced performance due to its expensive similar products It is one of the best home projection screens in the 2021 budget field.

07. Elite Screens Spectrum Projector Screen

For a monitor that friends and family will love, you need an impressive 180-inch high-end monitor. This is a motorized retractable 4K home theater projection screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen can be raised by the included remote control when not in use. 

Best Pick

Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Ultra HD Ready Projection, ELECTRIC120V

Our rating:

5 out of 5 stars

Elite Screens Spectrum series is the absolute solution for anyone who is looking for a high quality electric projection screen at a budget friendly price.

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We like a completely black screen, which prevents light from entering from behind and provides more accurate video quality. The texture of the screen also ensures more accurate color reproduction and is easy to clean. Due to its size, it is also very suitable for use in conference rooms or offices. 


The 180-inch laptop weighs 52.9 pounds and should not be moved after installation. The installation itself is simple, but it is best done by two people, and the design allows it to be installed on the ceiling. Or wall. If you are ready to watch an amazing movie, 180 inches is for you.

08. Elite Screens 84-inch Portable Outdoor Projector Screen

The Elite PopUp Cinema Series is a great choice for instant viewing indoors or outdoors in a mini cinema. This lightweight, portable, and foldable projection screen is designed with ease of use in mind and can be assembled in a few seconds without tools. (The number depends on the screen size) Then connect the pole segments to the maximum length. The 

Best Pick

Elite Screens Pop-up Cinema 84-inch

Portable Outdoor Fast Folding Projector

Our rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Elite Screens Pop-Up Cinema Series is an excellent choice for an instant outdoor or indoor mini-theater experience.

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PopUp Cinema series provides travelers with light and portable features and can be assembled in a few seconds without tools. The integrated spring frame system really opens under your control. Equipped with grids, nets, and support rods to increase stability, 32-inch suitcases can hold all components for easy storage of camping, mobile homes, backyard night theater, games, and overnight ideal choice 


PopUp Cinema includes Elite Screens projection screen material SilkWhite 160° wide viewing angle for multi-purpose applications, SilkWhite 1.0 improves reflectivity, black masking edges increase the perceived image contrast, spring wire frame increases the surface tension of the screen, suitable for standard and short-throw projectors. Appears the first time it is used. This product is a normal phenomenon and gradually brightens. However, for an application, if there is a deeper fold, the usual approach is to treat the material with simple steam or heat treatment. 


To remove creases or creases, you can heat an ordinary hair dryer or steamer with medium power, and continue heating in a circular motion (6-20 inches from the material) to avoid burns/polishing.

09. VIVO 100 inch Diagonal Projector Screen

The new manual projection screen VIVO is a cost-effective solution for professional or private projection. This simple VIVO 100 inch Diagonal Projector Screen is perfect for home theaters, businesses, and classrooms. This high-quality screen can smoothly transition to the desired screen height. Universally applicable to most LED, LCD, or DLP projectors on the market. 1.1 Gain and wide viewing angle prevent hot spots and ensure excellent image clarity and playback from all angles. 

Best Pick

VIVO 100 inch Diagonal Projector Screen

Projection HD Manual Pull Down

Our rating:

4 out of 5 stars

VIVO’s new manual projector screen is an affordable solution for professional or personal projection needs.

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All displays are made of high-quality materials with multiple matte white layers and black backs to prevent light from entering and provide a clear picture. Each screen can be cleaned with mild soap and water. 


Manual VIVO projection screen is 100 inches (87 inches x 49 inches), adopts 16:9 widescreen format, and is equipped with an integrated L-shaped bracket for easy ceiling or wall installation. (The total length of the projection screen including the housing is 92".

10. VIVOHOME Inflatable Mega Movie Projector Screen

Use the inflatable giant projection screen VIVOHOME to change your cinema anytime, anywhere. This large screen is very suitable for watching movies outdoors, whether in the yard, park, or other places at home and provides a solid and bright surface for projecting video. The screen can be assembled, disassembled, and fixed in any weather. This will be the perfect complement to your party or casual gathering. 


It is made of high-quality 210D Oxford fabric, which is durable and waterproof, suitable for all seasons. A quiet internal fan will inflate the movie screen in a few minutes and keep it inflated throughout the screening process. 

Best Pick

VIVOHOME 16ft Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Blow up Mega Movie Projector Screen

Carry Bag for Front and Rear Projection

Our rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Set up a projector screen anywhere with the VIVOHOME Inflatable Projection Screen. Excellent for big groups watching movies outdoors or use at home in the backyard

Buy on Amazon

Sturdy portable tote bag, made of high-quality and durable 420D Oxford fabric, with zipper, easy to store and transport. Easy to use, it is a great addition to resorts, outdoor parties, and special events. 


It comes with a handbag, straps, and garden nails for quick and easy transportation, assembly, and disassembly. The huge and stable screen will not tip over, providing your audience with an immersive viewing experience.


Things Should Consider Before Buying a Best Projector Screen

Every projector screen on the market is different. From overall size to screen resolution, each screen has its own advantages according to the situation. Consider the following features to help you choose the best display for your projector. Projectors are used in home theaters or indoor or outdoor entertainment rooms.

Color Accuracy

One (if not the most important) factor to consider before starting your next projector screen is how accurately it reproduces the colors that will glow on your companion project. The color profiles of all projector screens are not the same. 


No need to know the technical details of a good color space, you only need to know that the gain on a pure color screen is "1:1", that is, the amount of reflected light. Picture comparison. To a uniformly reflective surface called the "Lambertian surface". When evaluating the brightness quality of the projector, it is also important to consider the screen gain. When choosing the best projector for your home, it is also important to consider the aspect ratio.

Electric or Pull-Down

Another decision to make when choosing the next projection screen is whether you want to throw an extra coin at an electronic screen that moves on its own or an electronic screen that must be lowered manually. Also called electric screens, they use electric motors and can be raised and lowered with remote control. In addition, installing these electric screens requires more work because you need to provide power to the motors. 


Generally speaking, the cost of a motorized display is approximately twice that of a manual display due to the additional parts required in the manufacturing process. However, there are also very cheap ones, such as Elite Screens Spectrum 2. Electric projection screens. 


Electric or motorized screens have additional advantages and can provide your home entertainment system with a "professional cinema" feel. The blanket, of course, is a personal preference.

Tensioned vs. Non-Tensioned

If you can jump, you should almost always choose a tight screen rather than a loose screen. 


This function refers to a series of cables that are routed along both sides of the screen and stretched evenly to avoid "wave lines" that may form over time. 


If you want a completely flat image and want to keep the projector settings for a year or more, it is best to spend a little more money on the advanced settings. In the long term, build quality is important when choosing a projector that can be used in your home. You can also imagine a motorized projector screen for your home.

Screen Size

Before you choose the largest projector screen that can be used, be sure to measure the space you want to set it up. Keep track of the screen size that best suits your environment. The screen messes up the room, but you also need to increase the size of the screen to reproduce the feel of a home theater.


Projector screens are usually made of plastic, rubber, vinyl, elastic fiber, polyester, and glass fiber, and are used in various components:

Viewing surface

Vinyl and spandex are the fabrics of choice for standalone and portable displays. These flexible materials can lay flat without tension and have inherent wrinkle resistance. Vinyl is stronger and more waterproof than alternative polyesters, which is also harmful to the environment. For permanent display, the glass fiber fabric increases the reflectivity with excellent contrast. In addition, some projector screens are treated with active ingredients to make the light more visible on the viewing surface.


Some permanent displays include hard black fiberglass back, which provides the maximum voltage and possible flat display surface. Others have an aluminum back, covered with velvet or fabric; the material is lightweight, reasonably priced, and durable enough (not prone to dents and minor damage). The backrest absorbs light from the roof and rear of the car to improve color contrast and image quality.

Stand or base

Aluminum is commonly used for the base of floor projection screens. It is light but durable and weatherproof, so it is suitable for carrying and viewing outdoors, such as B. Windy or rainy. In the case of the inflatable model, the screen is supported by a plastic or rubber-PVC frame, both materials are durable and can withstand various weather conditions.

Mistakes to Avoid

Going to big/small for your setup

Although this may seem obvious, you will be surprised how many people forget to measure the space they want to install the projector movie screen before buying. Place the projector where you think is suitable, and then display the image on the recommended installation wall. Measure the size of the picture at its maximum width/length, and after locking, buy the screen size that fits the widest part of the screen. If the size is wrong, the image quality of the projector will deteriorate. The range of the projector is from 4:3 to 16:19 and above. By following this guide, you should be able to find the right projector for your home.


Not buying mounting brackets

A mistake made by many buyers (including yours) who buy a projector screen for the first time is to think that the screen they buy is a kit that contains everything you need out of the box. ...In this list, they come with brackets to help you mount the screen on the wall. Others may need a separate kit to set it up properly. First, check if your screen has a stand, if not, put them in the shopping cart next to the device you want.

Ignoring viewing angles

Like traditional HDTV screens, the viewing angle on the projector screen will vary greatly depending on the quality, performance, and price. Ideally, look for a screen with a viewing angle between 80° and 160°, as this is best for a large living room with multiple seats across the screen rather than a sofa looking at it. Before buying a monitor, make sure you are sitting where you can see the content. Make sure that the angle of the projector screen and the space for all projector settings are correct. If your room has a wide field of view, you should consider this when buying a projector.

What makes a good projector screen?

A "good" projection screen is different for every user. The projection screen that fits you has the size that fits the room, the reinforcement that fits your seating position, and the color and light characteristics are coordinated. Whether you prefer a fixed frame or a pull-out screen will also affect which screen is better.

Is black or white better for a projector screen?

Each black and white screen has a different purpose. The white screen is perfect for rooms with little or no ambient light. Because white screens are brighter, they can display lighter colors better. A black screen is the best choice for more rooms. Ambient light and people cannot create a real movie theater. Because they do not reflect as much light as a white screen, it is easier to see the image under a brighter backlight. However, in some cases, a more powerful projector may be required. With a black screen.

What are the best portable screens for a projector?

Our first choice for portable projection screens is Elite Screens Pop-up Cinema. This is a portable outdoor projection screen with super lightweight and is easy to install in your garden or take with you to participate in activities. It comes with a suitcase and a spring frame system, so you can fold it quickly. Although the structure is very light, it is equipped with pillars and support rods, so it can stay in place even in the wind.

Does Best Buy carry projector screens in-store?

Best Buy has projection screens, including many of the options on our list, such as the Elite Screens brand, and Spon and its indoor badges. Take a look at the different projection screens offered by Best Buy, and you will surely find many options that suit your size and budget.


Nowadays, projector screens are very common. Best projector screens can work well with projectors to improve the quality of watching movies, TV shows, and other multimedia content. They provide a pleasing surface for your projector, and in some cases can keep up with TV screens in terms of quality. 


There is a huge variety of projector screens available in the market and we have listed some of the best names in our article. This guide will help you in determining which projector screen is suitable for you

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