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8 make up brands for women to rock the stage

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By Nowmanifest Editor
Last updated: March, 04, 2021


When it comes to women, makeup has always been the most consumed products by women. As it is not just a matter of looking pretty anymore, but the women of today wear make up as an expression of their personality. They no longer just seek to cover their face and flaws but to highlight their beauty, standards and confidence. We know that choosing a makeup brand can be considerably challenging. They have to be suitable, as their money is to be spent, investment is to be made and usually, it takes a large amount of time.


The pricing of a brand does not determine factors such as quality and reliability. Not all brands are necessarily good, especially since all skin types are different and some may not favour us. To help you out of the trouble and confusion, we have chosen the best brands for you to buy makeup without worries in 2020.



Although it is normal that we feel suspicious of the incursion of new brands into trends. Mary Kay brings with her a variety of cosmetics that could favour you, the quality of these is first class and has been positively received by all the women who have dared to use it. Therefore, if you want to risk trying something new this year, this brand is a good option to start.



If you happen to be a connoisseur of prestigious and most popular makeup brands loved by professionals in this field, you probably know everything about MAC. Over the course of years, this brand has been introduced not only in the top trends but in the women bags as well, since statistically at least one of the cosmetics that women have belongs to this brand.



Recommended by expert beauticians and fashion enthusiasts, Clinique is one of the most popular brands in the makeup industry making products for sensitive skins. Ask any dermatologist and they will tell you the same. This American brand makes the best products related to skincare, toiletries, fragrances, and other kinds of cosmetics as well. After all, it’s Emilia Clarke’s choice.



Standing out for its prestigious garments, Dior does not stay behind even when it comes to high definition beauty products. They produce very good bases. The most chosen by makeup artists and beauticians are Dior Forever and Dior Star due to their compatibility to multiple skin tones, and good finish. They are not as expensive as other brands which adds another significant positive point.


Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown stands out for their Art Stick liquid lipstick, Skin Foundation Stick bar base; and fancy mascara. Another quality item is its blush, Shimmer, which you can also get in different shades. Bobbi Brown was born in the ’90s and became very popular creating 10 different lip shades with natural components. The brand promotes naturalness and invites you to trust your own potential.



Among those Chanel lipsticks that we can recommend the most, we have the Rouge Coco, which with its most classic red colour will help you to guess what type of makeup you do. Chanel’s makeup collection is famous only for its best quality, but it is one of the most luxurious brands as well, on the other hand.  One of the most expensive, although the truth is that products like its lipsticks are almost like an investment you will never regret.


NARS Cosmetics

Nars Cosmetics with a vast range of long-lasting makeup is another one of the most popular and most valued brands. Known for enamels as their star products, they make various other products that are must-haves for any beautician or a makeup artist. Her Orgasm blush is the best-selling blush and is considered one of the best beauty products you can buy.



Another one of the globally recognized brands for cosmetics has been providing makeup for all skin types for more than half a century now. However, they also know how to bring everyday innovation to their products living up to contemporary keeping the classic in mind too. Its products are of high quality but at very affordable prices, making it one of the best-selling and most popular brands. Their cosmetics are ideal for everyday use and they do not disappoint.



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